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SHARING THE LOVE: Men receive special treat

Five-minute feature on acts of kindness by local or overseas based non-government individuals and organisations that have benefitted Jamaicans.

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Written and produced by the Radio Department of the Jamaica Information Service


News for Week of December 18, 2022
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OCT-DEC 2022

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Redesigned currency notes for Jamaica

Jamaica’s new banknotes have arrived and are slated for phased release into circulation in 2023. Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dr. Nigel Clarke unveiled the printed polymer notes earlier this month.

“These notes are quite different from the notes that exist today,” said the finance minister. “They feel different, they have different features, and in order for them to be in circulation the Bank of Jamaica has to work with the existing commercial banks to ensure that the [automated teller machines] ATMs can be reprogrammed to efficiently handle these notes.”

The overall currency circulation process could take up to six months, with an estimated June 2023 completion timeline.

The new series, which was announced by the Minister during the 2022/23 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives in March, includes the introduction of a $2,000 bill and a redesign of the entire suite of notes.

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MAY-JUN 2022

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Take the flu seriously, Jamaicans told

Jamaicans are being urged to take precautions against the Influenza (flu) virus. National Epidemiologist (Acting), Dr. Ardene Harris, in making the call, said that since the start of the flu season in October, there has been an increase in hospital admissions for acute respiratory infections among children aged six months to four years old.

The flu season will continue until March 2023.

Dr. Harris said that despite the increase in hospitalizations, the volume of admissions “remains within normal limits”.

She indicated that the cases requiring admissions are primarily those confirmed for pneumonia. Cases of Influenza A-N1N1 and H3N2 as well as the Respiratory Syncytial Virus were also confirmed.

“For persons presenting with respiratory symptoms [who] might not require admission, we are [also] seeing an increase, but it’s within normal limits both for the under-five to 59-year-old and the over 60-year-old,” she pointed out.

Dr. Harris is imploring citizens to take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe.



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Mayor of Kingston has big 2023 plans for the city

Plans for the upcoming year include more sustainable development projects and renovations taking place across the Kingston and St Andrew, according to Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams.

“I am excited for the next phase of our strategic development plans and what our redeveloped and transformed city will be like in years to come,” the mayor said.

“Already, we see the transformation before our eyes. There is more to do, see and be in Kingston than at any time in our past. I believe in the future of the city.”

In addition, the mayor informed that Kingston has been chosen to participate in two pilot projects for urban infrastructure insurance and a global pioneer of sustainable tourism projects. “We will continue to work on these initiatives and provide more updates as they unfold in the new year.”


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Hanover’s Watson Taylor Park tapped for upgrade

The Hanover Municipal Corporation is partnering with the Tourism Enhancement Fund and Friends of Watson Taylor Park to restore the beach facility to its glory days.

Mayor of Lucea Councillor Sheridan Samuels said that the facility, which is a significant motif on the Lucea landscape, is among 12 beaches and parks islandwide earmarked for upgrading.

“We are impressed with the interest the ‘Friends of Watson Taylor Park’ have shown and the work they have carried out on the grounds there,” said Mayor Samuels. “We expect that this partnership will bear fruit as, already, persons here and abroad are registering their support for plans to make the park a place of pride for the people of Lucea and the wider Hanover community.”

Councillor Samuels said the corporation was also pleased with the Tourism Enhancement Fund’s announcement that the beach park will benefit from its development programme.

This, he pointed out, would further bolster hope for the park’s restoration as Hanover’s prestigious sports and entertainment venue.

Fund Executive Director Dr. Carey Wallace confirmed that the park is on the schedule for upgrade and is set to go through the procurement and community consultation processes.

New-look departure area at Sangster International Airport

The new Departures Retail Area at the Sangster International Airport is being hailed by Minister of Transport and Mining Audley Shaw as a welcome addition to the passenger experience, which is critical to the overall success of an airport.

“Every step of the customer journey on arrival and departure is an opportunity to win the heart of a visitor, so that they will choose to visit Jamaica repeatedly,” said the minister. “We want our passengers to develop an emotional connection to our country and, by extension, Sangster International Airport, creating ‘wow’ experiences at each step of the journey that will draw them back to Jamaica.”

He noted that the Departures Retail Area, which includes a food court, is part of the programme of upgrading that has been taking place at the airport. “We are not just happy with the physical appearance but also all the human development taking place… the professionalism of the staff, etc.,” said Shaw.

He said that Government is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure that Jamaica becomes a regional aviation hub and the “the pride of the Caribbean”.

Too much gloom and doom?

By Willem H. Buiter

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NEW YORK – Nouriel Roubini thinks the global economy is “lurching toward an unprecedented confluence of economic, financial, and debt crises, following the explosion of deficits, borrowing, and leverage in recent decades.” Is he right?


At the risk of sounding Panglossian, I do not regard such a disaster scenario as inevitable, or even as the most likely outcome. Turkey and a few other countries afflicted with severe macroeconomic and regulatory mismanagement will almost certainly suffer the fate Roubini describes, but most economies can still avoid a financial disaster and a deep recession.

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