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SHARING THE LOVE: PEP students get scholarship

Five-minute feature on acts of kindness by local or overseas based non-government individuals and organisations that have benefitted Jamaicans.

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Written and produced by the Radio Department of the Jamaica Information Service


News for Week of September 25, 2022
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Stem illegal gun flow, PM tells developed nations

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called on developed countries to do more to stem the flow of illicit guns into developing nations, such as Jamaica.

Addressing the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 22, Mr. Holness noted that several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are facing an epidemic of crime and violence, which has exacerbated since COVID-19.

He said the situation is worsened by the influx of illegal and unregistered small arms into the countries.

“From organised transnational criminal enterprises to street level gangs, to the misguided youth in the inner-city, the availability of guns is driving an ever-increasing homicide rate,” said the prime minister. “In the same way that a war on drugs is being prosecuted, in which we have been faithful partners in policing what comes through our waters or leaves our shores, there now needs to be a war on guns.”

He pointed out that “Jamaica does not manufacture guns, but our population suffers from the effects of widely available guns.”

Prime Minister Holness said that “the countries that manufacture weapons that are available to the public must implement stronger measures to ensure that those weapons do not end up on the streets and in the hands of people for whom they were not intended”.

He added that “in the same way there is concern about illegal drugs on the streets of the rich countries, there must be concern about guns on the streets of developing countries, like Jamaica.”

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600 get jobs as new BPO opens in New Kingston

Global outsourcing company Intelcia has officially opened its first Caribbean office in Kingston. The company, based in New Kingston, now employs 600 Jamaicans, with more persons to be engaged as the entity continues to build out its staff complement.

Intelcia is a global player in outsourcing offering solutions in four main areas – business processes, information technology (IT), innovative consulting, and multichannel CX.

Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister Senator Aubyn Hill said Intelcia joins more than 70 firms operating in Jamaica’s global services sector, which has continued to thrive despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intelcia has locations in 17 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Americas and employs 40,000 persons across 85 sites globally.

Intelcia began establishing itself in English-speaking markets in 2020 to serve the strategic United States (US) market.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Intelcia, Karim Bernoussi, said Jamaica’s proximity to the US and its strong global services sector makes it the ideal location for the company to kick off its operations in the region.



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Bauxite cash to repair Manchester health centre

Some $5 million has been allocated by the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) to carry out refurbishing work at the Broadleaf Health Centre in Manchester.

Approximately 5000 residents of the community and surrounding areas are expected to benefit from the project, which is expected to start in October and end before Christmas.

The improvement works will facilitate the reopening of the facility, which has been closed for some time, with residents now accessing care at the Porus or Mandeville health centres.

Quantity Surveyor at the Southern Regional Health Authority Bobby Barton said that the scope of works will cover the addition of a room at the rear of the building, which was a request from the medical team.

“We have a sum for the patient and staff bathrooms, handrails, upgrades of electrical works, termite treatment for the entire building, plumbing upgrades,” said.


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CHASE pumps millions into cultural projects

The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund continues to provide strong financial support for many cultural projects and events to highlight the nation’s heritage.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CHASE Fund, W. Billy Heaven, said the Fund has already provided approximately $49.5 million toward expenses for Jamaica’s 60th Independence celebratory events and legacy projects, and continues to engage the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport about more opportunities to highlight the heritage.

“Our support is critical to the implementation of these annual activities which remind us of where we are coming from and unifies us through the many avenues of creative expressions,” Mr. Heaven said.

He reiterated that “CHASE understands the value and potential of our cultural heritage to national development and wisely allocates its resources to achieve this outcome”.

Hence, the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) was granted $4 million for the 25th staging of its flagship national event, Seville Emancipation Jubilee.

An important item on Jamaica’s “Emancipendence” celebrations calendar each year, the event commemorates the ending of slavery.

Executive Director of the JNHT, Michelle Creed Nelson, said that CHASE’s support was crucial to this year’s staging of the event. She added: “Were it not for that support we could not have had this event, which plays such a pivotal role in the Jamaica 60 celebrations, because it was the first national event for the Jamaica 60 celebrations.”

Community engagement drive gets boost

Jamaica has received a donation of vehicles and vital pieces of equipment, valued at US$540,000, to further strengthen the country’s response to COVID-19.

The items, provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), include a 30-seater mobile vaccination unit, a 16-seater corresponding vehicle for field vaccination teams, a GeneXpert machine, high flow nasal oxygen devices, test kits and a range of equipment to address medical waste management.

PAHO/WHO Representative to Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, Ian Stein, said that the donation will assist in boosting community engagement across the island, particularly regarding vaccine coverage and disposal of medical waste.

United States Ambassador to Jamaica Nick Perry said that his government, through the work of USAID, “is committed to supporting the Government of Jamaica in addressing the needs of the nation”.

He noted that the critical pieces of equipment provided “will improve the ability to detect the virus and reduce the severity of illness from COVID-19, as well as accelerate equitable access to and uptake of effective COVID-19 vaccines.”

Get ready for Africa's economic boom!

By Landry Signé

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WASHINGTON, DC – Africa is on the cusp of an economic transformation. By 2050, consumer and business spending on the continent is expected to reach roughly $16.1 trillion.


The coming boom offers tremendous opportunities for global businesses – especially US companies looking for new markets. But unless African policymakers remove existing barriers to regional trade and investment, the continent’s economy will struggle to reach its true potential.

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