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SHARING THE LOVE: St Catherine Students receiving financial support

Five-minute feature on acts of kindness by local or overseas based non-government individuals and organisations that have benefitted Jamaicans.

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Written and produced by the Radio Department of the Jamaica Information Service


News for Week of September 04, 2022
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Only ‘usual residents’ will count in census

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) says only persons who are ‘usual residents’ of Jamaica on Census Day, Monday September 12, will be counted in the 15th Population and Housing Census when data collection gets under way.

Usual residents are those persons who spend the greater part of the year (six months or more) or on average four nights of the week at the same residence.

“Whether you are a citizen or not, if you are a resident in Jamaica on Census Day, you will be counted,” said Director-General, STATIN, Carol Coy.

Census Day will serve as the reference point for the data being collected.

Ms. Coy said that visitors staying in hotels, guesthouses or on ships in harbour, diplomatic personnel, and persons not normally resident in Jamaica but who maintain summer homes, will not be counted.

“For example, we have relatives who have homes in Jamaica, and they’ll come back for about four months for the year; they will not be counted because they are not a usual resident of Jamaica,” Ms. Coy explained.

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HEART widens computer skills training

More Jamaicans can now advance their computer skills through Tech$ense, a digital literacy programme run by the Human Employment and Resource Training/National Service Training Agency (HEART/NSTA) Trust.

First geared towards HEART trainees, the programme is being extended to include other members of the public.

Aspirants can sign up on the Trust’s website at

Tech$ense was implemented in 2020, in partnership with Tax Administration Jamaica and the Registrar General’s Department, to better prepare HEART trainees for the working world.

It supports the Government’s thrust to reposition the nation as a technology-enabled society and helps participants to use technology confidently, manage their online identity and security as well as increase their employability.

Managing Director of the Trust, Dr. Taneisha Ingleton, said the training opportunity also assists in alleviating fears that deter individuals from immersing fully into the digital world.



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Cheswick residents to get attention soon

The Cheswick community, located in St. Thomas, is to benefit from the Rural Development Programme, which is spearheaded by the Ministry of Local Government.

Portfolio Minister Desmond McKenzie said the current infrastructure of the community is ‘non-existent’ and that residents have complained of a lack of adequate and reliable water supply.

“What we are going to be rolling out in Cheswick over the next couple of months is the process to carry out the repairs to Hill 60 (a section of the community), and Rural Water Supply will work with the National Water Commission to look at how to improve the water supply system to the community,” he said.

Until these developments are completed, he pointed out that funds will be provided to have water trucked to the area.


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RalRosa gives to National Chest Hospital

The National Chest Hospital in St. Andrew is to benefit from a gift of J$3.5 million from the RalRosa Foundation, for the purchase of much-needed medical equipment.

President of Health Concepts International and Chair of the RalRosa Foundation’s fundraiser, which took place in June, Dr. Jacqui Watson, said the proceeds from the inaugural event will be presented to the hospital. “Access to quality healthcare is a basic human right but many underserved communities in developed and developing countries go without this basic need, contributing to huge inequities,” she said.

The National Chest Hospital is expected to purchase a portable diagnostic ultrasound machine as well as a portable desktop spirometer for lung assessments.

More water for Westmoreland communities

About 9,000 residents in 12 communities across Westmoreland now have access to improved water supply, following the commissioning of the $475 million Nonpareil/Retirement/Orange Hill Water System.

Among the beneficiary areas are White Hall, Mount Airy, Hog Haven, Orange Hill, Sections of West End, Good Hope, Retirement, Little Bay, Revival, Brighton, Negril, and Cherry Hill.

The project was executed by the National Water Commission in collaboration with Rural Water Supply Limited.

The system, which is outfitted with two pumping stations, two storage reservoirs, and transmission and distribution pipelines, has the capacity to supply 500,000 gallons of water daily.

America Comes Roaring Back

By Simon Johnson

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WASHINGTON, DC – An air of pessimism about the future of the American economy pervades some official circles in the United States and elsewhere. It’s time to dispel it.

The pessimists worry that a series of supply shocks over the past two years – owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, production disruptions in China, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine – has derailed economic growth.

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