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Zoom H4n Pro

Zoom H4n Pro is great for beginners. Great for simple projects for home recording and mobile interviews. It comes with 1 headphone jack for audio monitoring, 2 pro mics, and 2 XLR inputs, for total 4 channels. It captures great sound, is easy to operate, and can work as an interface. One of the best deals for a portable recorder!

Zoom PodTrak P4

Zoom PodTrak P4 is a great mid-tier, podcast dedicated recorder. It has 4 mic inputs (recorded to separate tracks), 4 headphone jacks, and 4 sound pads. I like its automatic mix-minus for call-in phone interviews or Zoom/Skype interviews. It can record on an SD card or work as an interface and record directly to your laptop, smartphone.


Mogami Gold Cables

Mogami Gold Studios are the best XLR cables you can use for audio recording! The amazing recording sound due to gold connectors, low resistance, and superb cable shielding. Their premium star-quad design (4 conductors used vs. 2) gives you a low-frequency noise reduction from working electronic devices. Shorter cables minimize interference.






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