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Rode PSA1

Rode PSA1 is the best lightweight stand that you can attach to your desk. The construction is extremely flexible and durable. It rotates 360-degrees and has a good reach. It has two mounting options, can easily support heavier mics, weighing up to 2.4lb (1.1kg) when combined with a shock mount. Go-to stand for most podcasting needs.

Gator Frameworks 3000

Gator Frameworks 3000 series is the best mic stand for heavy mics. Its recommended max weight is 4.4lb (2kg), so it is ideal for holding mics like Shure SM7B comfortably. It is a high-quality build. It rotates 360-degrees and doesn't produce noise during a recording. It also comes with a build-in internal, good XLR cable for clean desk setup.


Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

If you want a pro level pop filter, the Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL is for you. They have a patented process to redirect air downward, away from the microphone capsule, instead of just diffusing it like the other models listed here.

This 6″ metal screen works very well, the gooseneck is sturdy, and the mount is excellent.

Nady MPF-6

The Nady MPF-6 pop filter is probably one of the most popular options out there. You can get it with or without a stabilizing arm for about the same price. You can mount it on a boom arm, microphone stand, or pretty much anything else up to 1 inch in diameter. The gooseneck itself is 13″ long. This is a great option at a fair price for podcasting, studio recording, or live performances.


Rycote InVision Shock Mount

Rycote is a company that specializes in shock mounts and other microphone accessories, so it really shouldn’t be any surprise that they have the best universal shock mount for (most) studio microphones. The Rycote InVision uses a thermoplastic material they call Lyre to suspend the microphone and reduce vibration. The benefit of this is that it’s like silicon and is nearly indestructible, it won’t sag and wear out over time, and it has better sound isolation by 12dB! The microphone attaches by 4 screws with rubber tips. This allows you to easily attach microphones with different shapes and sizes easily, even if they aren’t round. There’s also a microphone cable clip to help reduce sound caused by the cable touching your boom.






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