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News for Week of May 30, 2021
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Sagicor Foundation answers dream for Clarendon College past student

For Kadijah Ricketts, a tertiary-level education was a goal that would not have be immediately attainable out of high school, given her family’s financial challenges. But despite the odds, this Clarendon College alumna is now on track to achieving her lifelong professional goal of becoming an economist and financial analyst.

Noting that her parents always experienced difficulties covering her educational expenses, Ricketts said she applied to various scholarships to help offset the burden on the family as she was determined to succeed despite the challenges.

She was the recipient of Sagicor Foundation Tertiary Scholarship in 2017 and was able to successfully complete her three-year degree programme at the University of the West Indies, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics, with first-class honours.

“I remain deeply thankful to the Sagicor Foundation for giving me the opportunity to obtain my first degree. Without their benevolence, I would not have been able to cover my tertiary expenses without the stress of securing the funds being on my parents. This caused me to focus on my schooling and also allowed me to explore personal interests,” Ricketts said.

Carib Cement committed to corporate social responsibility.

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Jamaica’s central bank puts up $20m for education

The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has launched a $20 million initiative that will see 60 students from selected primary, secondary and tertiary schools benefitting from bursaries aimed at assisting with tuition, the provision of devices for e-learning, books and other miscellaneous expenses for the academic year 2021/2022.

BOJ Governor Richard Byles said this is part of activities to mark the central bank’s 60th anniversary.

The participating schools will be selected by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. Winners will be announced in August.

The BOJ Governor said, “Nation-building is something we at Bank of Jamaica take pride in and this initiative seamlessly aligns with that. This pandemic (COVID-19) has inspired many Jamaicans to be more innovative in all aspects of our lives and I must say we have adjusted and adapted in how we serve Jamaica – both economically and educationally.”


Serious crimes tumble in Jamaica, says minister

Dr Horace Change, Jamaica’s minister of national security, said the country is witnessing its lowest recording of serious crimes in over 20 years.

He claims this is because of the massive investment made over the last five years and direct government policies.

 “Over the last five years, serious crimes, which include murder, shooting, rape, robbery, and break-ins, have declined by an average of 5 per cent per annum,” the Minister said.

 He added that “between 2015 and 2020, total serious crimes declined by approximately 24 per cent, moving from 6,667 in 2015 to 5,086 in 2020. This is the lowest recording of serious crimes in over 20 years.”

According to him, the transformation of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) also played a significant role in this reduction. “We are now seeing significant improvement in policing capacity and response, as well as the crime trends,” said the national security minister. “There is a renewed confidence and heightened reassurance that this modern, more agile and efficient police force is transmitting to the public, and rightly so. The citizens of the country can take comfort and be confident that the re-equipped and restructured Jamaica Constabulary Force is impacting on the level of criminal violence in our society.”


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Gratitude Gift
Gratitude Gift

Sandals guests, Shannon and Mitchell Hopper, are among hundreds of travellers who continue to spread gratitude by packing for a purpose whenever they travel.

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Kiddies Gift
Kiddies Gift

Children at a basic school in rural Westmoreland are on the receiving end of brand new school supplies and learning manipulatives donated by travellers through the Sandals Foundation and Pack for a Purpose.

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A representative from the Annotto Bay Fire Station shows off her freshly picked JP St Mary’s pineapple alongside JP St Mary’s Assistant Depot Manager Simone Saunderson during a handover of care packages with the vitamin C-rich fruit to the Fire Brigade. The donation by JP St Mary’s is part of an overall initiative to encourage essential workers to eat healthy foods to boost their immune systems.

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Gratitude Gift
Gratitude Gift

Sandals guests, Shannon and Mitchell Hopper, are among hundreds of travellers who continue to spread gratitude by packing for a purpose whenever they travel.

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Another appeal for vaccine support for small nation states

Jamaica, through its minister of tourism Edmund Bartlett has stepped up lobby for players in the global community to make their voices heard about the issue of vaccine equity and its implications for global economic recovery.

This appeal was renewed at the recent Global Tourism Recovery Summit in Saudi Arabia.  The summit focused on efforts by the global community to restart the tourism industry with leadership and coordination.

During the summit, Bartlett, who was supported by his colleague, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Senator Aubyn Hill, said that the unequal distribution of vaccines may lead to a global humanitarian challenge, that will have direct implications for smaller states such as Jamaica.

“We are concerned that a greater humanitarian challenge will emerge if this process of vaccine inequity continues,” said the minister. “Too many countries will find their economies in tatters and the livelihood of their people in peril. Jamaica is at risk because we have a low vaccination level of less than 10% and that is of concern. If categorization is to be made in relation to levels of vaccination, countries like Jamaica will be left behind due to our limited access to vaccines.”

Wolmer’s schools’ hail supporters

Alumni groups connected to the Wolmer’s Schools in Jamaica have made donations valuing $10m since January.

Said Chairman of the Board of Management Courtney Wynter:
“As we celebrate Wolmer’s Day (May 21), we want to say thanks to our partners in education, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, thank you for the continuous support of our schools; to our alumni groups across the globe, PTA, sponsors, donors and well-wishers, we are grateful for your continuous contributions to assist in enabling a fully functional institution. It would be impossible to maintain the standard we have over the years without your financial, moral and spiritual support.”

It was noted too that since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in Jamaica in March last year, various alumni groups have come to the support of the schools. The groups have assisted with converting the traditional teaching and learning space into a digital format, primarily using the Google Classroom and Microsoft 360 platforms.
Additionally, $250,000 worth of tablets given to neighbourhood schools, Central Branch and Allman Town Primary. The devices were donated by Wolmer’s Trustee Douglas Orane.  In expressing her appreciation, Ms. La-Toya Nesbitt, Principal of Allman Town Primary, said that “with every donation, it means that it would have been one more life that is being impacted; one more student being able to participate in online classes and one more life in which a difference has been made.”



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