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News for Week of May 2, 2021
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Custos uses his $4m to fund Clarendon health services

The Clarendon Health Services (CHS) has benefitted from more than $4 million in donation from Custos of Clarendon William ‘Billy’ Shagoury to support the fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

He gave the May Pen Hospital and May Pen Health Centre 32,000 surgical and N95 masks, two tables, 16 chairs, two recliners and four thermometers. Custos Shagoury also donated gowns, a microwave and care packages for the mentally ill persons in the parish and food items for staff. Five thousand masks were also shared with the Clarendon police to assist with their fight against the pandemic.

Custos Shagoury, who used his personal funds, explained that he has always recognized the importance of healthcare workers and supporting them with needed resources.

“I have seen how the healthcare workers worked hard and put their lives on the line; putting their families’ lives at risk. I was there with them from March giving them encouragement and was able to get some items for them at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic” said the Custos.

Carib Cement committed to corporate social responsibility.

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More jobs, hotel rooms for Hanover

The tourism room capacity in Hanover is to expand with the start of construction work on phase one of the US$500-million five-star Grand Luxury Princess Hotels and Resorts at Industry Cove in Green Island.

The Hanover Municipal Corporation approved the Spanish hotel chain’s building application at its monthly meeting in April. Phase One of the project will see the construction of 1,010 rooms, a casino, and two waste-water treatment plants. In total, the developers plan to construct four hotels in a 2,037-room resort on approximately 34 hectares of land.


Chairman of the Hanover Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Sheridan Samuels, welcomed the Spanish conglomerate’s project. “They could have chosen many other locations in Jamaica but they chose to invest in Hanover, and for that we are grateful,” he said.

It is projected that about 1,500 tradesmen and labourers will be hired during phase one of the project. On the completion of both phases, 2,852 hotel workers – 1,417 in phase one and 1,435 in phase two – are expected to be employed.


Cosmetic products pilot at Jamaica’s scientific council

The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is to establish a pilot plant for the production of personal care and cosmetic products, according to its Executive Director Dr. Charah Watson. 


“We have been supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the development and production of products and one of the areas we have seen a lot of interest in is personal care and cosmetic products. In response, the SRC is building out a pilot plant to offer support to entrepreneurs who may want to make cosmetic products,” she said.

Dr. Watson noted that the initiative should come on stream by the end of the first quarter of the 2021/2022 financial year, and will join the likes of its food pilot plant. She added: “The SRC has been offering training seminars and workshops to teach persons how to make products; and a lot of clients have gone on to make these products in their own space. However, as they expand, the capacity to produce may become challenging and that is where we want to offer our services.”


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Gratitude Gift
Gratitude Gift

Sandals guests, Shannon and Mitchell Hopper, are among hundreds of travellers who continue to spread gratitude by packing for a purpose whenever they travel.

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Kiddies Gift
Kiddies Gift

Children at a basic school in rural Westmoreland are on the receiving end of brand new school supplies and learning manipulatives donated by travellers through the Sandals Foundation and Pack for a Purpose.

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A representative from the Annotto Bay Fire Station shows off her freshly picked JP St Mary’s pineapple alongside JP St Mary’s Assistant Depot Manager Simone Saunderson during a handover of care packages with the vitamin C-rich fruit to the Fire Brigade. The donation by JP St Mary’s is part of an overall initiative to encourage essential workers to eat healthy foods to boost their immune systems.

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Gratitude Gift
Gratitude Gift

Sandals guests, Shannon and Mitchell Hopper, are among hundreds of travellers who continue to spread gratitude by packing for a purpose whenever they travel.

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40,000 Jamaicans to get second dose of vaccine in May

Dr Christopher Tufton, the Minister of Health and Wellness, said 40,000 Jamaicans are to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in May.

The Minister said persons who are to receive the second dose of the vaccine will be contacted by telephone or sent a reminder by text message. He said too that they may call the Ministry’s 888-ONE- LOVE hotline number.


The Minister encouraged those who have received their first dose to continue adhering to the protocols that have been set out by the Government to minimise the spread of the virus. “It is not a licence to act in defiance of the protocol. It is very important that we wear the mask, practise physical distancing and sanitise,” said Dr Tufton.

The Minister reminded Jamaicans that one dose of the vaccine does not offer full protection. “It’s important that once you have gotten one, to get the second,” he said.


At the end of April, more than 135,000 Jamaicans had received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. “We will continue our efforts to secure more vaccines. There are a number of very positive leads that we are pursuing,” according to the Minister.



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