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News for Week of June 27, 2021
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Public health needs support, says minister as he thanks Custos for $12m donation

Custos of Clarendon William Shagoury has donated medical supplies and equipment valued at $12 million to the May Pen and Lionel Town hospitals.

The donation, which is in support of the coronavirus (COVID-19) response, includes 800 N95 masks, hospital gowns, adult scale, oxymeters, blood pressure monitors, dental shields, temperature machines, three defibrillators, 40 gallons of paint, among other items.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton thanked the Custos for his continued support to healthcare and other sectors of the parish. “Custos Shagoury is always making a donation, whether it’s for agriculture, for dengue or COVID, so much so he is known as ‘Mr. Clarendon’. When the history of this parish is written, you have a place in it and we thank you for your commitment,” declared Dr. Tufton.

He said that the items donated will help to “save lives” and called for increased partnerships in healthcare. Said

Dr. Tufton: “While doctors and nurses are trained for this, if they don’t have the supporting cast, such as those who give, we cannot do anything. Public health needs partnerships. Too many of us depend on the system to rescue us and, thereafter, we don’t care what happens to the system.”

Carib Cement committed to corporate social responsibility.

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Search for oil, gas continues in Jamaica

Exploration for oil and gas is continuing on the island of Jamaica, says its Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Daryl Vaz.

In the first quarter of the 2020/2021 financial year, Cabinet approved the United Oil and Gas (UOG) acquisition of Tullow’s 80 per cent interest and operatorship by United Oil and Gas to continue drilling.

Vaz said the company has identified 21 possible reservoir targets within the Walton-Morant Basin. He said that to further reinforce the potential, an independent Competent Persons Report was performed by renowned Gaffney, Cline & Associates where they estimate that the acreage is capable of containing a potential mean, unrisked prospective resource of over 2.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil across 11 of those identified leads and prospects.

The Minister said the company has started its global marketing campaign to attract an investor to commit to funding the drilling of an exploration well before January 2022 and executing that well by January 2024.


PM urges help for new arts centre at his old school

St. Catherine High School, the 73-year-old alma mater of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is to have a new performing arts centre by December.

Ground was officially broken for the centre at a ceremony on June 18, in which the Prime Minister participated.

Supreme Ventures Limited donated the first $5 million towards the building project. The CHASE Fund will construct a section of the centre on the ground floor, stage area with lighting and sound, a multipurpose seating area for 850 people, male and female restrooms and dressing rooms at a contract value of $50 million.

In his address, the Prime Minister thanked the CHASE Fund, Supreme Ventures Limited, members of the Alumni Association and other donors for their contribution, enabling   construction to begin before the official ground-breaking ceremony.

He also called on other donors and corporate groups who can assist, to donate towards additional segments of the plan.


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Alpha Institute
Alpha Institute

Massy Distribution and the Quaker Cook-off champion, Romario White (2nd left), and Felicia Stephens (centre), brand manager, Massy Distribution, hand over food and personal-care products to the Alpha Institute, to Principal Donaldson (right). Two students of Alpha Institute join in the occasion.

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Red Stripe
Red Stripe

Chelsea Thomas Benoit (centre), brand manager at Red Stripe, congratulates Melissa-Kim Dunkley (left), and host of the Marketing Meet Up, Joel Nomdarkham, after winning the Red Stripe Marketing Meet-Up Pitch Competition. He received a grant valued at $50,000.

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A representative from the Annotto Bay Fire Station shows off her freshly picked JP St Mary’s pineapple alongside JP St Mary’s Assistant Depot Manager Simone Saunderson during a handover of care packages with the vitamin C-rich fruit to the Fire Brigade. The donation by JP St Mary’s is part of an overall initiative to encourage essential workers to eat healthy foods to boost their immune systems.

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Alpha Institute
Alpha Institute

Massy Distribution and the Quaker Cook-off champion, Romario White (2nd left), and Felicia Stephens (centre), brand manager, Massy Distribution, hand over food and personal-care products to the Alpha Institute, to Principal Donaldson (right). Two students of Alpha Institute join in the occasion.

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Carib Cement steps up environment protection action in deal with Government

Caribbean Cement Company Limited and the Government have signed a memorandum of understanding for a national programme that will allow for end-of-life tyres located at Riverton city and other disposal sites across the island to be disposed of by the company.

Under this 10-year National Programme for the Environmentally Sound Management of End-of-Life Pneumatic Tyres, Carib Cement will safely destroy roughly 320,000 tyres a year, which will be used to make clinker – a nodular material used as the binder in cement products.

Costs associated with the programme, which includes an inventory of the tyres and the sorting, handling, and transportation from disposal site to Carib Cement, will be borne by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development/ National Solid Waste Management Authority and the Ministry of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change.

The programme is being implemented on a phased basis with the first phase beginning on July 1, 2021. It will target over two million used tyres at the Riverton City disposal site.

Phases two and three, which will commence on July 1, 2026, and end on June 30, 2031 and will see the development and implementation of an action plan to facilitate the ongoing collection and disposal of tyres at seven other disposal sites.

Managing Director of the Caribbean Cement Company, Yago Castro underscored the importance of the initiative as an extension of the company being responsible corporate citizens and protecting the environment from the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases.

He noted that the parent company, CEMEX aims to reduce 35 per cent of CO2 emissions from cement products by 2030. Mr Castro added: “Because of this project, we will be importing less fossil fuel into the island. Through the co-processing process of the tyres, rubber and other elements will make its way into clinker and cement. This will also align with our operations at CEMEX in reducing CO2 by finding alternative materials to be used in the processing of clinker/ cement for a full roll-out of delivering net-zero CO2 concrete to all our customers by 2050.”

Seaforth Health Centre in St. Thomas gets relief

The Seaforth Health Centre in St. Thomas has been adopted by the Seprod Foundation and Canco Ltd., under the Ministry of Health and Wellness Adopt-a-Clinic Programme.

Executive Director of the Seprod Foundation, Lisa D’Oyen, said that St. Thomas and the community of Seaforth are very special to the Foundation. “In addition to Seaforth being home to the Serge Island Dairy Farm, the largest dairy farm in the English-speaking Caribbean for over 50 years, Seprod has been supporting educational and community-driven initiatives since the formation of the Foundation over five years ago,” she said.

The Executive Director said it was only fitting that Seprod was deepening its investment in the community through the adoption of the Seaforth Health Centre, pointing out that capacity issues have been identified and will be addressed, and that this will be done while ensuring that each of the clinical spaces are fit for purpose.

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton, thanked both entities for their combined commitment to the facility of $6 million over three years.



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