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Five-minute feature on acts of kindness by local or overseas based non-government individuals and organisations that have benefitted Jamaicans.

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Written and produced by the Radio Department of the Jamaica Information Service


News for Week of February 19, 2023
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OCT-DEC 2022

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200 students for robotics competition

The National Robotics Championship hosted by the NCB Foundation has received the support of the Ministry of Education and Youth as an opportunity for students to hone their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

“You have the opportunity to apply scientific methods in undertaking the applied research and development aspects of your projects. This competition should serve to inspire you to develop real-life skills to meet the demands of our developing knowledge-based economy,” said Acting Assistant Chief Education Officer in the Ministry, Sophia Forbes Hall.

On February 15, she gave a speech during the tournament's opening ceremony at the NCB Health and Recreation Center in St. Andrew. On February 24 and 25, the competition, which will take place in the Jamaica College (JC) Auditorium, will feature more than 200 students from 29 high schools.

The Government has pledged cash to purchase robotic kits for the schools, supporting the two-day event, according to Mrs. Forbes Hall. She pointed out that the competition is in line with the Ministry's emphasis on advancing STEM education and giving pupils the critical and inventive thinking skills that are crucial in the modern digital world.

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MAY-JUN 2022

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Millions for community agri and tourism projects

The Government has set aside $632 million to continue efforts to improve targeted beneficiaries' access to markets and climate-resilient practises in the tourism and agricultural sectors.

The 2023–24 budget contain the specifics of the allocation, which was made possible by the Rural Economic Development Initiative.

Refurbishing the Hanover Bee Farmers' Cooperative Society's honey bottling facilities, the St. Mary Multipurpose Cooperative Society's cold store, and the Agro-Invest Corporation's irrigation system are among the goals for the fiscal year.

Additionally, work will be undertaken to install the photovoltaic solar system at the Plumwood Pumping Station; construct the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust Holywell cabins; provide capacity-building, seedlings and chemicals to agriculture and community tourism enterprises; and procure and install equipment at the All-Island Banana Growers’ Association.



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JPS identifies mangrove protection as a key initiative

In order to reinforce its primary function of absorbing the effects of storm surges on Jamaica and avoiding soil erosion, mangroves, a group of plants and shrubs frequently found in coastal intertidal zones, are being replenished and protected.

The National Environment and Planning Agency's (NEPA) Adopt-A-Mangrove Programme is supporting this action.

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and the JPS Foundation, the first business body to adopt the Sturridge Park (Palisadoes-Port Royal) Protected Area in Kingston, replanted 50 Red Mangrove trees on Thursday, February 2.

In accordance with the Convention on Wetlands, this is the first of four protected areas to be adopted, and it is situated along the Palisadoes-Port Royal strip. The agreement establishes the guidelines for the protection and wise use of wetlands and the resources they contain.

Soon, JPS, JPS Foundation, and NEPA are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

According to the agreement, JPS and the JPS Foundation will work together to contribute roughly $7 million over the course of five years to fund the upkeep of the mangroves.


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$45m male ward at St James Infirmary

The St. James Infirmary's new $45 million male ward, which was constructed at the facility in Albion, Montego Bay, can now house about 40 patients.

The St. James Municipal Corporation and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development jointly built the ward. Desmond McKenzie, the portfolio minister, officially opened the facility on Wednesday, February 15.

The necessary amenities, such as dorm rooms, a doctor's office, a physiotherapy room, a shower room, and a bathroom, are present in the new building. Also, almost $11 million was invested to furnish the ward with furniture, appliances, therapeutic beds, stand aids, and medical equipment.


The building is the infirmary's most recent addition; in November, a therapeutic park was put into operation. The park has recreational areas, a mural, and a water fountain, all of which contribute to the social, psychological, and physical wellbeing of the residents.

In his remarks at the ward's inauguration ceremony, Mr. McKenzie mentioned that the government had spent more than $1 billion to upgrade facilities for the most vulnerable members of society. He continued, “Improving the conditions of the less fortunate must become a priority of the Government, [and] all infirmaries in Jamaica, under this Administration, have received significant benefits.”

Closing the eco gender gap

By Minna Salami


LONDON – A recent Twitter spat between influencer Andrew Tate and climate activist Greta Thunberg epitomized the eco gender gap. Tweeting at the activist, Tate – the epitome of a man who views saving the planet as a threat to his masculinity – boasted about the “enormous emissions” of his luxury car collection, to which Thunberg replied with a takedown that currently ranks as the fourth most liked tweet ever.

As columnist Rebecca Solnit writes, “There’s a direct association between machismo and the refusal to recognize and respond appropriately to the climate catastrophe.”

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