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SHARING THE LOVE: Each one Help one

Five-minute feature on acts of kindness by local or overseas based non-government individuals and organisations that have benefitted Jamaicans.

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Written and produced by the Radio Department of the Jamaica Information Service


News for Week of February 05, 2023
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OCT-DEC 2022

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Heart Foundation to conduct screening drive this month

In an effort to save more lives, the Heart Foundation of Jamaica will conduct heart screenings all throughout the island.

The screenings are a part of the Heart Month celebrations in February with the slogan "Do Your Part, Check Your Heart."

The Foundation promotes heart screenings as essential in the prevention, early identification, and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and disorders that may predispose to the illness.

Deborah Chen, the Foundation's executive director, announced that the team will visit HiLo Food Stores in Cross Roads and Barbican, as well as Sovereign Centre Liguanea and the Portmore Pines Plaza, on Saturday, February 11.

On February 25, the Foundation will still provide unique off-site screening services at Tropical Plaza on Constant Spring Road.

The 11th of March will be a Family and Friends Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Day at the Foundation's Beechwood Avenue headquarters. The Foundation is encouraging participants to sign up there to take advantage of the discounted $2000 pricing for CPR training.

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MAY-JUN 2022

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Small businesses urge to enroll in relief scheme

The government's Productive Inputs Relief scheme, which enables the duty-free importation of particular commodities intended for productive use, is being promoted to Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

Dr. Norman Dunn, State Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, gave the invitation while making a speech at the cocktail reception for the Honey Bun Foundation Advisory Committee.

Because there are several benefits to applying for the relief scheme, he claimed that it "may provide you, especially our exporters and our manufacturers, a key foundation to stand on."

MSMEs are urged to enroll in the programme, according to Dr. Dunn, because "as a Government, we want to guarantee that you succeed in what you do."

The government has targeted various industries through the programme, including those in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, and the creative industries, which are used to encourage and boost economic growth. The relief clause aims to encourage an increase in certain regions' productive activity.

Wide-ranging incentives are available to businesses operating in Jamaica, and they are applied at two key stages: the reduction of import duties and the reduction of income taxes.



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Resolve conflicts peacefully, Jamaicans told

Jamaicans are urged to try peaceful means before turning to violent means in order to resolve their conflicts.

Dr. Horace Chang, Jamaica's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, reiterated the appeal, saying that unless residents turn to more peaceful means of resolving disputes, crime will not decrease in the country.

He was addressing at a recent event for the Ministry's "Liv Gud" Music, Sports, and Technology (MST) project, which was held to present musical equipment to the Irwin High School in St. James.

“The use of violence to resolve violence is a fundamental problem in our society,” noted Chang. “While the Government takes steps to apprehend and prosecute individuals who use violence when it is brought to the attention of the police force, that’s not the long-term approach. As a society, that’s not what we want. What we would want is to have less violence and people [living] good with each other.”

According to Dr. Chang, the Ministry will keep using the anti-violence "Liv Gud" campaign to advance peace and support the restoration of a spirit of harmony and decency in local communities.

He emphasised that the idea of getting along with people is also meant to help Jamaicans rediscover their sense of family and make them more charitable.


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Montego Bay chamber aids agri students

A programme to mentor agricultural students on the commercial side of the industry and how it can be connected with tourism is being led by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The programme was conceptualised by the Chamber's Workforce Development Committee, according to the project chair, Nadine Spence, to highlight the "convenient marriage" between agriculture and tourism and the numerous opportunities that result from this association.

She was speaking after students from Knockalva Polytechnic College in Hanover visited the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay on January 31 and were given a tour of the resort's expanding agriculture plant.

The programme, according to Ms. Spence, was designed to provide agricultural studies students first-hand exposure to the process of integrating farming and tourism.

She continued, "The Chamber also considers it vital to instill entrepreneurial values with relation to our children and the future requirements in business as it relates to agriculture."

The Chamber, according to Ms. Spence, believes that sending the students out into the field will be good because "we are attempting to link tourism to agriculture" by giving them a firsthand understanding of what is happening in the field right now.

‘We know that we have a fair amount of domestic abuse’

With an emphasis on disadvantaged groups, the Ministry of Justice wants to increase the options available through its alternative justice programme.

Delroy Chuck, the minister of justice, stated that not all matters need to be heard in court. “We know that we have a fair amount of domestic abuse, and these abused persons should really be brought out of hiding, so that they can go to victim services or get legal help,” he said. “We feel that there are many vulnerable groups that can be assisted, and that is why we will be promoting the alternative justice services.”

Additionally, Minister Chuck asserted that the Ministry wants to enhance the accessibility and administration of justice through the Social Justice (So-JUST) Project.

The So-JUST Project is funded by the Canadian government and seeks to improve access to justice services through collaboration with the Justice Ministry and implementation assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Only the US Congress can stop Ukraine from winning

By Simon Johnson

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WASHINGTON, DC – Helping Ukraine win its war against Russia is essential for European and global security.

The good news is that the United States and its allies have recently taken two major strategic steps in the right direction, providing more capable weapons, and limiting Russian fossil-fuel revenues.


The bad news is that the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives threatens to ruin everything with a fight over the federal debt ceiling.

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