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“Societal issues and global challenges are too big for governments to deal with on their own, and engagement between government, business and civil society is extremely important.”
-Alain Bejani, CEO of Middle Eastern conglomerate Majid Al Futtaim

This edition shines the spotlight on initiatives necessary to achieve the goal of making Jamaica ‘the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business’.

Impacting Jamaica: In Focus Edition will:

  • Highlight and restate fundamentals necessary for the continued advancement of the nation.

  • To raise consciousness of the national good, mobilization of people to build community and nation.

  • Parade current policies and programmes positively impacting societal transformation.

  • Explore the role of individuals/citizens in solving/finding solutions for the nation's problems to spur continued advancement at every level – the focus, rationale, raison d’etre of Jamaica in Focus.

We have a significant role to play in driving the narrative and engaging in forums to constructively add to the debate. Change starts with words and ideas before they translate into actions.
-Alain Bejani, CEO of Middle Eastern conglomerate Majid Al Futtaim

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