As part of the observation of Jamaica’s independence celebrations, Impacting Jamaica, a podcast series, launched The Independence Edition in July 2021 to spotlight a menu of the country’s successes since 1962.

This anniversary is a key moment in the country’s history and an ideal time to mobilize our people around positives in spite of the existing and emerging challenges. The series will continue into all of 2022 as Jamaica celebrates 60 years of political independence from the United Kingdom.


The series will be wide and varied as part of a positive mobilization experience. It will include an 18-part series looking back at the winners of the Festival Popular Song Competition, music being a primary uniting vehicle for Jamaicans.

The festival competition got started in 1966 as part of efforts to ¨mobilize the spirit of the people¨ during the independence period. Music too forms an important part of the culture of the 4,244-square-mile island nation.

We invite your involvement too. We want your own thoughts on Jamaica’s progress and achievements since 1962. Send us audio recordings no longer than 10 minutes with a photograph of yourself, and we will consider them for posting in this series.


Email your contributions to impactingjamaica@gmail.com